For the mission under that launching the talented IT manpower of Korea into the States, Europe and Japan etc., global interchange of the talented manpower and contribution to international society's communizing quality that gets into step with in the very global era.

    Enterprising and launching the oversea to employment market.
    Creating the opportunity of seizing chance for both employer and employee.
    Higher degree of the gratifying either side, the member of the staff and from the requests.
    Valuable reason for being positioned in the international surroundings.

OJTKOREA's symbol as the flag that strongly waving is to be figured as the meaning the conqueror only could stick into where the new continent (the dream of the oversea expansion) got to be conquered, as we OJTKOREA flying higher over with the passion.

Greetings, Sir.

The IT is, as you well known, not only the inevitable technique in the far advanced networks of intelligence-society now, but also the added value of the technique and its influencing effect shall be much bigger, so, which to be seen considerably in the industrial field also.

Thus for the much quicker advancing in that way, such a various IT-related job and the kind of occupation appeared to be. And the more, the companies having appealed for hunting the professionals hardly, whom they should contribute to fruitful outcome of the companies directly, and exhibits their ability so effectively by achieving the long term-vision.

OJTKOREA does have specializing system for head-hunting. Through the enough communication with the client-firm, grabbing their needs and then searched along the who's who would be adaptable in the parts of the IT field the client's needs, and finally we recommend.
Cordially credible to be offered to your future position of whom that ours OJT KOREA variably specializing talented manpower of IT industry might deservedly be.

OJTKOREA's head-hunting service will support successful result, on which to be founded for you, as our membership the corporations already be given. Now futhermore sincerely waiting for creating your value of the company with recommendable professionals, whose talent and human nature must already have harmonized simultaneously.

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